Memorial Day and the Cross

As deeply and profoundly grateful as we should be for the bravery, the sacrifice, and the selfless devotion shown by those who gave their all to purchase for us the gift of freedom, we should also pause today to remember the cross of Christ. On “that day”, the incomprehensible happened. On that day, the Prince …

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Understanding Liberty

The Declaration of Independence holds that there are things about mankind that are self-evident: that they are endowed by their creator with certain rights that are "unalienable".  What that means is that those rights cannot be given or taken away by anyone, because they were given to all men by their Creator.  The rights referred …

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Drowning in debt

The Washington Post editorializes what it calls “the coming debt panic,” generated by a realization that Getting the debt back down to a reasonable level will require extraordinary, almost unimaginable, fiscal discipline and political cooperation. Failing to do so will lower the national standard of living and ultimately threaten America’s economic stability. The Post cites …

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