Science is the antithesis of religion, right?  You have matters of faith – believing in something that cannot be proven scientifically – and on the other hand, you have matters of science.  Well that’s not entirely true.  In fact, there are a lot of scientists who say they do have a particular religious faith.  

In point of fact, there will always be things that are not provable according to the scientific method.  See, the very definition of the scientific method says that one must first have a hypothesis to test.  The reason some scientists say they refuse to test the God  hypothesis is that God cannot be proved or disproved.  That’s what they say.

I think the real reason, though, is that they refuse to acknowledge the possibility that there is a God at all.  See that’s an underlying assumption we all make, whether we’ve thought about it or not.  God is, or there is no God.  And many people who assume no God, have never really thought about it.  Many scientists, though, have thought about it only after investing such a humongous part of their lives in a science undergirded by Darwinian evolution, that it would be like finding when half of your life is over, that you are really from another planet, and it’s time to go home.  And Darwinian evolution is the antithesis of religion.  One has to be true, and that makes the other pretty much false.

How else could an impartial observer make sense out of all the hissing and rancor from those who would have so much to lose if it could be proven that God existed all along?  Why are they so angry?  Why do they dismiss anyone who suggests that there might be an intelligent designer?  Why do they ostracize them deny them tenure?  Isn’t it possible to test whether God is at least a possible explanation?  

Take the question of the origin of the universe.  We assumed for a long time that it just was.  But the evidence now overwhelmingly points to a beginning – a point in time before which there was nothing.  Actually, there was not even any time before then.  The evidence points to a time when everything – all matter, space, energy and time – just started to exist.  Scientists call it the big bang.

But we need to be aware of the difference between cosmology and cosmogony.  

So if you’re anything like me, you assumed that the stuff they taught you in school was true.  And since nobody ever really explained how you could be a Christian AND feel intellectually satisfied that your beliefs were rational, then Christianity must not be true.  

But that was the old me.  Now I know better.  And I know a lot of other people who do too.  The truth is that the God of Christianity is the most rational belief system that exists.


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