Welcome to “Beyond the Fog!”  My name is John Andrew, and I am delighted you stopped by.  I hope you will read some of the posts and comments and join the dialogue.  And there should be a button down in the right-hand corner that says “follow”*.  If you click it and enter your email address, you’ll get my posts via email.  I ‘m not a hyper-frequent poster, so don’t worry about me flooding your inbox.  And I have no sponsors, so you won’t be getting any unsolicited marketing messages!

The menu items along the top are just one-off posts that give my overall perspective on some of the major areas of thought that comprise my overall view of life and all it entails.  The items on the left are links to sites from which I derive some of my most useful information.  Clicking any of them will open a new tab and take you to that site.  I think you’ll find a wealth of information there.

It will become obvious to you pretty quickly that my worldview is that of a Bible-believing, Christ-following Christian, and that I tend toward the conservative end of the spectrum, both on matters of my faith and my politics.  But my conservatism comes from my belief that the Bible is the infallible and supernaturally derived Word of God, and that it expresses God’s own heart as to how we should live.  What seems to me to be little understood, however, is that God does not force us to do anything.  Early in the the very first book (Genesis), He tells Adam and Eve to eat from any tree in the garden but one.   But then He withdraws, and they choose badly, and the world has been struggling with the consequences of sin ever since.

Of course, we all have the God-given right to choose.  And the most important choice of all is to believe that He IS God.  Choosing whether to follow Him is the most consequential decision you will ever make.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that if you haven’t already, you will choose rightly to follow Him.  Nobody has ever testified to regret for having done so.

By the way, you can read my Christian Testimony here.

* (If you don’t see it, you’re already subscribed.  If you want to make sure your subscription is going to the right email address, click “unfollow” on the top left, and the follow button should reappear.)


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