In just one small travesty of justice, a straight couple asked a gay baker to bake them a cake for their wedding.  The baker declined, saying that they “did not to cakes for straight weddings.”  The shocked couple left, and of course found another baker, bought a perfectly good cake, and went on with the wedding, which apparently went off without a hitch.  Taking offense at the rebuff, however, they filed a complaint with the DOJ, alleging emotional, mental and physical damages totaling $150,000.

Those who might think of this as ridiculous, apparently would have been wrong however.  The DOJ took it very seriously, and an administrative law judge eventually issued an order that the bakers would have to pay a fine of $135,000.  As the case was being processed, however, suddenly a firestorm of protest erupted.  The vendors the bakers bought their supplies from suddenly started getting harassed by numerous people, and began to fear being driven out of business themselves.  So they took the gay bakers off of their referral list.

The result, of course, was devastating, since those referrals were by far the largest source of income for the business.  Then the notice arrived saying they owed the fine.  Faced with mounting losses from the lack of sales, as well as the amount of the fine itself, they were unable to go on, and they shuttered the business.

They could not understand how anyone could be so vindictive, or why anyone would be so motivated by hate that they would actually drive them out of business because of their beliefs.  They really just wanted to be left alone, to live their lives the way they pleased without being forced to do business with people who had beliefs that were counter to their own.  What kind of law would force anyone to violate their own conscience?

This is a true story, of course, except that the roles were reversed.

Oh, I’m sorry, does that matter?

Is the injustice really any different when they are?


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