Relative Irrelevance

Barak Obama’s blathering on the subject of religions – in particular Islam and Christianity – strikes me as being completely disconnected with the doctrinal teachings of either.  In other words, it’s all relatively irrelevant.  Yet, he’s got the bully pulpit, and far too many uninformed American citizens take his comments to heart.  A few of the recent headlines said this:

I am personally disgusted with our President over his misleading, ridiculous views on Islam.  Anyone who has studied anything about it knows that even though terrorists take Islamic teachings to an extreme, and carry out some of the Quran’s teachings literally, that their actions are based entirely on their religious beliefs.  Christianity and Judaism, however, are in fact quite the opposite.  We have the 10 commandments in common, and they include the one that says ‘You shall not murder.”  You simply cannot be an obedient Christian or Jew, and chop off people’s heads or burn them to death!

I am beyond angry.  Yes, of course I’m angry at ISIS and other Islamic radicals.  But I’m also angry at our President.  He is ignorant on matters of faith beyond a superficial level.  But ignorance is no sin.  What he does is far worse.  He pretends to be more well informed than you or me on all of the major belief systems of the world.  He acts as if Islam is just greatly misunderstood, and that Christianity is vastly overrated.  He is confusing and polluting both faith systems, and his ‘teachings’ are going to cause untold numbers of people to give Islam an equal footing in American law and culture.  We are in for a whole heap of trouble!

Anyone who grew up in the American culture, so deeply steeped in Judeo-Christian teachings, would agree that no one should believe it’s ok to take another person’s life.  The thing about it is, though, that if you grew up in a Muslim culture, and if you read their sacred writings, you would think nothing of the kind.  In fact, the Qur’an teaches that it is the duty of a good Muslim to kill every infidel who does not convert.  And if you are not a Muslim, you are an infidel.

The only peace-loving Muslims are ones who do not live in obedience to the commands that are so clearly written in their holy texts.

The thing that has me deeply concerned, though, is that Obama seems to think that Islam is no less valid a belief system than any other.  He tells us there’s no religion responsible for terrorism, yet the facts are clear.  Nearly every terrorist act is committed by a Muslim who believes it is his duty to kill infidels.  He says we must not give the terrorists legitimacy by calling them Islamic – which among other things implies that Islam is otherwise a legitimate belief system.

And many people, not having delved into such matters in any meaningful way, nod their heads in agreement, and say “Yeah, that’s true.”  But it’s not true.  It’s a lie, straight from the pit of Hell.  And the more we believe the lie, the more they will become our neighbors, demanding that we change our laws and cultural norms to be more compatible with theirs.

Obama is a tool.  He stands for absolutely nothing other than himself, and he is perfectly willing to indexlead millions of people into the delusion that all religions are equal and valid, that we can live peaceably with our Muslim brothers, and that nobody can know the truth anyway.  That’s the thing that has my blood boiling.  Contrary to what the “Coexist” bumper stickers and t-shirts would have us believe, it is not possible ultimately to live in peace with people whose ideology requires them to kill you.

So the question is this:  If you agree that he is spreading lethal lies about Islam, what can we do about it?

Really, what can we do?


2 thoughts on “Relative Irrelevance

  1. Dan Kovlak


    You are right on target as usual.

    Say HELLO to all of the CBMC brothers for me.

    Best wishes to all.

    Dan Kovlak 301-300-7245


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