Name change

I finally decided, after about 90 posts, to keep doing this for a while.  Having arrived at that decision, I thought it might also be time to get an actual personally owned domain, and a better name.  So effective with this post, Bloom Where You’re Planted, is now…

Beyond the Fog

And, you’ll be able to find me by typing “”, instead of that code you had to use before.

What I’ve always tried to do here is challenge the status quo, question the “settled science”, and generally just be the guy who states the obvious fact that the emperor is buck-naked.  I may not always be able to see what’s on the other side of the fog, but I’m always going to be squinting to see through it, and challenging you to do likewise.

You shouldn’t have to re-subscribe if you were already subscribed under the old name, and if you weren’t why not do so?  You can always easily unsubscribe, and who knows, I might make it worth your while at some point?

And feel free to comment on this or any post.  Non-obnoxious, non-profane and respectful comments and questions are always welcome.  Even those with which I don’t agree!

Thanks for squinting with me!



2 thoughts on “Name change

  1. Anonymous

    John, I’m glad you decided to continue this blog. You thoughts usually match mine exactly. However, you are much more articulate. Best wishes.

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