Grappling with the Gospel

In reading some of the posts by Mike Morrell on his facebook page, I found myself growing more and more twisted around.  The first one I read set the tone.  Word of a Woman is one in-your-face rant-aholic, and her post “You’re Damn Right I Believe in Another Gospel” is one angry rant about how the Gospel is something that she really, really hates because it’s so un-christian.  Wow.

That’s not the only rant.  She has a few of the others listed under “Recent Posts” on the right side of the page.  My reaction to pretty much everything she wrote was, initially, to defend the Gospel – not to mention the Christians – she was so angrily blasting.  But then I realized the true Gospel does not need defending.  So I’ll just say this.  Whenever we put ourselves in opposition to the plain truth of the Gospel, and attack it and the God it testifies to, we elevate ourselves above that God.  It’s succumbing to the oldest trick Satan has ever come up with: YOU WILL BE LIKE GOD!

But take heart.  All is not lost.  Alternatively, we have the testimony of a “Frustrated Christian” as he calls himself, named Curtis Allen, AKA Curt Kennedy.  In an article in Rapzilla, he says “I was facing 43 years in prison for attempted murder due to gang violence…I thought my life was over.’ With matter of fact articulation and brutal honesty, Curt Kennedy isn’t shy about telling his testimony.”

Why Rapzilla?  He’s a Christian rapper, of course.

But don’t judge him by his past, or his looks, or his musical genre.  Judge him by whether what he says rings true.  Read Re-thinking “Gay Marriage”.

Like Curt, I too get frustrated by our misinterpretation of the Gospel.  But thanks be to God that He still gives some of us the clarity of mind to understand the difference between agape love and eros or storge love.  If we agape our neighbor, we accept him as he is, but we do not endorse his choice of lifestyle if it is putting him at enmity with his maker.  If we agape him, we serve him, we respect him, we defend him against anyone who would do him harm.  And we tirelessly and winsomely testify to the truth.

How’s that for a blahg post, Curt?


2 thoughts on “Grappling with the Gospel

  1. Dan Kovlak


    Another excellent post. Thank you.

    Curtis Allan goes to the Covenant Life Church, in Gaithersburg, which is the church that I went to when I lived in Maryland.

    He also has at least one Christian rap CD. (Maybe he has several now.)

    Although I am not a big fan of rap, his songs are very good.

    I am involved in CBMC in the Harrisburg area. I go to two meetings a week. I also do the Operation Timothy discipleship program with three individuals each week. I am also on the boards of two Christian church-affiliated organizations.

    Please give my best wishes to all the Christian brothers at CBMC – Gaithersburg.

    Thanks and best wishes.

    Dan Kovlak 301-300-7245


    1. Hi Dan! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

      My wife and I have been attending some Covenant Life services lately, but haven’s seen Curt. Love what he has to say on his blog (blahg) though.

      I will say hi to the brothers at CBMC.

      My big gig these days is CrossRoads Freedom Center. Check it out!

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