War on women?

So Huckabee didn’t say it right.  Let me give it a try.

Democrats have thrown up a phony war on women argument to shift attention away from the real ugly truth of the real war that’s being waged on another innocent party: babies.

Since Roe v Wade we have killed 5 times as many defenseless, voiceless human beings as the Nazis killed in the entire war on the Jews.  The arguments then were the same as the arguments now.  They’re not really people.

Here’s my position on women’s sexual rights.  I support their right to have sex whenever and with whomever they choose.  In that sense, I guess I’m pro-choice. And I should add that I do not believe sex outside of marriage is good or moral.  I guess I support giving women the right to make whatever stupid choices she wants with her body.

I do not, however, support her right to kill the child in her womb.  Ever.  I do not support her right to use abortion or infanticide as a means of legal birth-control.  The child is in her body, but it is a completely unique human being from the moment of conception.  That has been scientifically and medically verified.  And I most definitely do not support forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill for either her contraception or her abortion.

Democrats tell us they’re for the little guy (or little women).  But when it comes to defending the most defenseless of the little guys, they’re stone deaf.  It always amazes me that in defending the specific little guys they say they’re for, they completely ignore the parties most harmed by their policies.

There is no war on women.  There is a war on our sense and sensibilities.  There is a war on Biblical morality.  And there is most definitely a war on babies.


One thought on “War on women?

  1. Dan Kovlak


    It was it is great hearing from you. This was an excellent post, I agree with you entirely. I miss you guys but am very active with CBMC in Pennsylvania. (We moved back to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in October 2012).

    Express my best wishes to all.

    Dan Kovlak 301-300-7245


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