What’s wrong with gay marriage?

I came across a quote from Voltaire recently that says

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

How true.  It was demonstrated by Nazi Germany, and it is being demonstrated all around us, as we now accept all kinds of absurdities without even being aware of their status as such.  The two biggest by far – the two with the most far-reaching and inevitably horrific consequences (abortion and gay rights/gay marriage) – are those that fall under the overall categories of sexual rights.  The right to have sex – however we choose to define it – with anyone we choose, regardless of gender or marital status, is now understood and one of those inalienable rights, and something to which we are entitled.  We have stopped being shocked by even the most lurid descriptions of atrocities.

Babies being ripped from the womb in pieces and their bloody parts reassembled on a table to make sure ‘we got ’em all’ – then throwing them in the trash, or grinding them up in the garbage disposal or incinerating them:  I can say that with the full expectation that it will cause barely a ripple, barely even be noticed by more than a half dozen people.  Yet that is the common practice in your friendly neighborhood abortion clinic.  Wasn’t there a time when news of this going on would have been the next day’s banner headline, and the people involved in the practice being perp-walked off to jail?  Those days are long gone.

We have believed the absurdities.  Now we are committing the atrocities.  And more are coming, each more horrifying than the last.

Today – a most lamentable day – the governor of Maryland will not do as Chris Christie did recently.  He will instead join the rising tide of misguided “leaders” who have believed the lies about being gay and will sign the legislation just passed by the legislature recognizing gay marriage in the state of Maryland.  Maryland residents are reportedly about evenly split on the issue, even though Maryland is one of the most lopsidedly Democratic in the nation.  So it’s not strictly a political issue.  Something tells us it will be problematic.

What about you?  Could you answer the question “How does my gay marriage hurt you?”  Read one woman’s well-informed views on the issue on her blog Friday 5: Helen Alvaré. Here’s an excerpt:

“How does my gay marriage hurt you?” Every single argument you had to make in order to make your gay marriage legitimate in the eyes of the law is one that had to discount the importance of the male-female relationship, ignore completely the good of children, and is at the heart of poverty, high rates of imprisonment, educational failure and intergenerational cohabitation among our most vulnerable communities. That’s how it hurts other people. Children and communities on the edge.

There are many other ways it will hurt us all.  One day your little boy, now only a kid, will tell you “I’ve decided I’m probably gay, and I’ve decided to come out.”  Or, I have met a wonderful man, and we’ve decided to get married.  I’d like you to give me away as the father of the bride.” Or maybe we read about a couple (Jill and Jane) who approach Jill’s father and tells him they want to have a child, but don’t want just anybody’s sperm, so they want him to donate the sperm that will impregnate Jane.

It will happen.  Of that I am absolutely convinced.  Voltaire was right.


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