The religion called Secular Humanism

The United States of America was founded on Christian principles.  It was not founded on Muslim, or Jewish, 0r Hindu or on secular principles.  It was not even founded on principles of a Judeo-Christian ideal.  The founders – the framers and signers of the Constitution, almost to a man, were believers in one faith.  And that faith was none other than the one that professed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God in human form.

We have done our level best to obfuscate that fact.  Our government-run school system, having been greatly influenced by John Dewey, set itself in opposition to any but a secularistic, humanistic view of any and every academic subject.  Our schools therefore teach history with all manner of religion – and the followers of faith disciplines – pushed completely aside, as if the validity of their viewpoints did not even rise to the level of credibility as being worthy of mere mention.

The result is that there are now several generations of citizens who have never heard the truth – on this matter and many others.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Could Muslims have written that?  Could secular humanists have written that?  Could anyone other than a Christian (or perhaps a Jew, but clearly these men were not Jewish) have written that?  The answer is self-evident.

Yet here we are.  We are trying to adapt the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to fit our secular-humanistic worldview.  We will not succeed.  Either we affirm the words “created” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”, or we will find a way to eliminate them from the American lexicon.  They are wholly incompatible with a secular or humanist view of life.

Today we are engaged in a war being waged on two fronts:  The redefining of what it means to be human, and the redefining of the most important institution on the planet: marriage.  God’s design, according to the Holy Bible, is that human life is made in the image of the Creator, and that it is sacred.  We are commanded not to murder.  Yet to date in this country alone, we have taken the lives of over 50 million humans, and we do so in the same way that all societies do:  We simply deny the humanity of the ones slaughtered.

Jews are not really people, the Nazis said.  When the world finally woke up, 6 million of them were dead.

Fetuses are not really people, we continue to say.  So we’ve passed 50 million, and we’re still counting.

And meanwhile, we have bought into the lie that Satan (who is delighted to have so many people who deny his very existence) has us convinced of: That gay people are born gay, that they can’t and/or shouldn’t try to change, that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, and that in order to let them pursue their own happiness, we need to let them marry.  Every part of that is a lie, each part more pernicious than the last.

What is wrong with us?  Can we not see that no culture on Earth, since the dawn of man, has ever tried to redefine what it means to be married?  Can we not see the consequences for us, for gay people, and for our society, if we try to redefine it?

The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but is simply provided as food for thought.

Making gay marriage the law of the land will:

  • Eliminate all legal and financial advantages currently available to married couples.
    • Every household will want the advantages offered by being “married”, and since the status is open to any two adults regardless of gender, even non-gay same sex room-mates will consider its advantages.  It will only be a matter of time before all of the advantages are simply eliminated
    • Once they are gone, and given that our culture already sees marriage as completely unnecessary for the establishment of a household or the raising of children, the reasons to be married under any definition all but disappear.
    • The logical next step is the removal of any and every restriction under the law of any restraint on what a household with children can consist of. That means communal living will be commonplace, with adults having sex with children, other adult members of the same or other households, and obviously either in private sexual acts between two adults, or in groups. Children will be encouraged to observe, and when they feel it’s right, go ahead and participate.
    • Meanwhile, the rights guaranteed under our constitution’s first amendment go out the window.  Most people in our country understand that there are some countries whose fundamental beliefs are completely incompatible with ours.  Take India, for example.  The dominant religion teaches everyone that sins committed in a previous life must be paid for in the current one and that therefore those who are poor, oppressed or discriminated against, must be treated as inferior.  Hinduism is therefore incompatible with our system of laws. because our constitution says that all people are created equal.  It is impossible for our laws to embrace both views of life.
      • Secularism holds that this life is all there is, and that there is no supreme being.
      • Therefore, man is the supreme judge of man, and makes up his own rules.
      • Secularism holds that the moral principles made up by man are superior to those given to people by God.
      • Secularism therefore sets itself above the “Creator” who according to our Constitution, endowed man with certain “inalienable” rights.
      • The inevitable result is that followers of the God of Christianity, the God of Judaism, and the God of Islam are forced to behave in a way abhorrent to them, and will increasingly find themselves ostracized, discriminated against and persecuted
    • Children will be taught this new definition of marriage in public schools, and will be given no moral ground to stand on if they are taught something different at home. Parents who disagree with the new law of the land will therefore have only two choices: go along to get along, or arrange an alternative private or home school alternative. Inevitably, however, that option will disappear, as all will be forced to abide by the new definition, religious objections notwithstanding.
    • Believers of all major faiths including Muslims, Christians, and Jews will be forced therefore to choose whether to obey the law of the land or the Law laid down by God according to their Holy Scriptures.
    • Those who do not agree with this new definition of marriage as a genderless institution existing for the benefit of adults – not children — will be treated under the law just like racists and bigots, and will be punished for their beliefs.
    • Eventually those who realize their rights have been trampled upon will look for a place to live where they will be free to live according to their convictions. Ironically, that place was once the United States of America.

Perhaps most importantly, shifting the focus of our marriage laws away from the interests of children and society as a whole, and onto the desires of the adults involved in a same-sex relationship will result in the most profound long-term consequences. Such a paradigm shift says to children that mothers and fathers don’t matter (especially fathers) – any two “parents” will do. It proclaims the false notion that a man can be a mother and a woman can be a father – that men and women are exactly the same in rearing children. And it undermines the marriage culture by making marriage a meaningless political gesture, rather than a child-affirming social construct.

When marriage ceases to have its historic meaning and understanding, over time fewer and fewer people will marry. We will have an inevitable increase in children born out of wedlock, an increase in fatherlessness, a resulting increase of female and child poverty, and a higher incidence of all the documented social ills associated with children being raised in a home without their married biological parents.

Ultimately, we as a society all suffer when we fail to nourish a true, thriving marriage culture founded on the truth experienced by virtually every civilization in every nation since the dawn of time – marriage is the union of one man and one woman.


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