God is pro-choice

God told Adam and Eve to eat from any tree in the garden but one.  He told them to choose.  They chose badly, of course, but the choice was theirs.  The result, of course was catastrophic.  We today are inheritors of the corruption they gave birth to on that fateful day.  Have we improved on the situation?  Have we made things better by our innate goodness, or our intellect?  I’ll leave you to decide on that one.  You choose.

As for me, I choose to believe that without trust in God’s goodness, we have no chance of choosing wisely in important matters.  Take abortion, for example.  We choose to have sex before marriage – lots of it – and we forget that God’s design for sex is not solely about giving us something pleasurable to do.  We make babies when we have sex.  When we try to prevent the babies without denying ourselves the sex and fail, we want the right to make sure the birth does not happen.  The result is that we choose a remedy for our first bad choice that is far worse.

Why does God allow us so much latitude?  Why allow us to choose, when we make so many bad choices?

One possibility is that being made in the image of God requires us to have free will.  And like newborn babies, we have to learn that there are consequences for bad behavior.  Sadly, way too many people wrongly assume that once they grow up (or graduate, or get married, or have some other rite of passage) they have life all figured out, and they can discontinue the learning program.

I assume that some of my Christian brothers and sisters will rebuke me for  taking a pro-choice position.  But think about it.  What evidence do you see that God relies on the law of the land to set things right?  For that matter, what evidence is there that He relies on His own law to set things right?  He established “The Law”, but He knew from the beginning that man would choose badly.  So His plan of redemption from the beginning recognized and acknowledged that we would never get it right.  We need a savior – we’ve needed one from the very beginning – because we had to be saved from the consequences of our own bad choices.

The pro-choice lobby today has co-opted something that was God’s idea and twisted it to mean that we are against something, when what we are for is far more important.  We are for life, because God is for life.  It’s time we reclaim the territory ceded to the enemy, however.  We are pro-choice, because God is pro-choice.  He knows that we will often choose badly.  But that is His plan.  It’s been that way from the beginning.

Abortion is wrong.  It is the absolutely wrong choice nearly 100% of the time.  But it is the decision of those who make our laws that it is legal in the USA.  Shouldn’t we be focusing on helping those around us understand the difference between justice and legality?

Dr. Martin Luther King wrote that some laws are unjust.  He said that “An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law.” Though the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme court has proven that it is perfectly capable of ruling unjustly, the good news is that we can still choose.

Scientists are now nearly unanimous in the view that a human life begins at the moment of conception.  It follows, therefore, that abortion is the taking of a human life.  Most abortions boil down to choosing whether to kill the baby or radically alter one’s life.  It is an incredibly gut-wrenching choice.  It is made far less so if the reality of the first choice is hidden.  That’s why Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers do not want pregnant girls or women to see an ultrasound of their babies.

It is a baby.  The secret’s out.

So, as for me, I am pro-choice.  And I am pro-life.  I think that’s what God wants.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “God is pro-choice

  1. Fascinating post.

    “Shouldn’t we be focusing on helping those around us understand the difference between justice and legality?”

    I agree.

    But is your position on ‘pro-choice’ purely based on the legality?
    That is, were abortion illegal would you continue to be pro-choice?

    I think we can do both.
    Love people facing difficult choices, supporting them to make Godly decisions (but continuing to love them if they don’t) AND advocate for changes to policy and legislation that are more wholistic than simple condemnation.
    Or is this what you’re proposing?

    1. “But is your position on ‘pro-choice’ purely based on the legality?”

      Of course not. I am pro-choice in the sense that God is pro-choice. Part of what I am saying it that we have allowed the pro-abortion crowd to hijack a perfectly good phrase and use it for their own purposes. Being pro-choice does not preclude the possibility that one could also be pro-life. They are NOT mutually exclusive phrases, even though most people would insist that they are.

      So if someone asked me if I were pro-choice, I would say yes. But I would quickly add that I am also pro-life – that I believe abortion is always the wrong choice.

      Ray comfort, in his fantastic video http://www.180movie.com, repeatedly asked whether it was a baby in the womb. If yes, he would follow with this: “Complete this sentence for me. It’s OK to kill a baby in the womb when…”

      Many of the interviewees, when confronted with the question, would see that the correct answer was ‘never’.

      Thanks for your kind remarks!

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