An app of little consequence

The Manhattan Declaration is a document that everyone should read.  It is a document that should be signed by millions of Americans – actually by hundreds of millions.  The essence of it is this:

To whom or to what do you owe your ultimate allegiance?

I am an American, but if my government ever put me in a position of having to decide whether to obey the law of the land or the law of God, I would choose to obey God. Most of us assume we will never be put in that position, but millions of people, throughout history have.  The Germans who allowed Hitler to come to such power were not any more evil than we are.  But their government made them choose.  And many of them, fearing their own or loved ones’ lives or rights, chose to support government policies with which they were uncomfortable.  And if we do not know where our ultimate allegiances lie, we are just as vulnerable as they were.

As a signer of the Manhattan Declaration,  I have drawn a line in the sand and declared, ‘this far I will go, and no further.’  I am also a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed.  I am aware that the time could come where I would have to choose, and in choosing could suffer dire penalties.

Dieterich Bonhoeffer was executed by the Nazi’s just weeks before Germany was liberated by the Allies.  His crime was in obeying, and exhorting others to obey, the law of God and not of the Reich.  He and others left the “official” German church after it was subsumed by the Reich, and actually renamed the Reich Church.  An important ‘doctrine’ of the Reich Church was that Jews could not be a part of it.  Most Germans were not really all that comfortable with the idea, but went along to get along.  They did not want to get involved, so they said nothing.  I am reminded that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

President Obama says he is a Christian.  I do not agree with those who contend that he is Muslim.  Unfortunately, however, I am afraid that he holds the actual doctrines of Islam to be just as valid as those of Christianity.  To him, it seems that whether one is Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheist or whatever, matters little.  He seems to hold all ‘truths’ to be equally valid.  The sad truth in all of this is that most Americans have no problem with that.  They don’t realize that Islam requires believers to shun, marginalize, and even kill “infidels”.  Who is an infidel?  You are if you are not a Muslim!  Jesus, on the other hand, requires us to love our neighbors, even the ones who consider us infidels!

We live in a world where we are required to make choices every day.  But it is self-evident that choosing badly will result in adverse consequences, not only for the one who chose badly, but all too often for many, many other people as well.  But that is central to what life is all about.  How else are we to learn?  It is only after witnessing first hand the consequences of our bad choices that we can learn.  All too often, regrettably, it takes a generation-long period of exceedingly dire consequences before people rise up and demand change.

One of the characteristics of a free society is that we are given the opportunity to choose.  Only when a choice is deemed bad for society or certain of its persons, is the right to choose banned.  So why is Apple refusing to allow the MD iPhone app to be made available?  Aren’t they denying us our right to choose?  Here is my email to Steve Jobs:

So giving people an app that asks them to think is objectionable, defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence?  You have evaluated the content of this application and consider its contents to be objectionable and potentially harmful to others?
I assume the “targeted group” is those who claim it is a right to live out their attraction to members of the same sex. You should reconsider.  People are not stuck with their same sex attraction any more than you and I are stuck with our status as educated or ignorant.  In point of fact, many people have chosen to reject their “unwanted same-sex attraction” and to live as either celibate or heterosexual.  It is likely a tough choice, but it is a choice.
Further, encouraging them to live in a gay lifestyle is harmful to them.  Statistics on mortality and morbidity prove that gays as a group are dramatically less healthy than straights.
Don’t buy into their admonishments about homophobia or hate.  Those who choose to allow those with a same-sex attraction to believe the lies that they cannot change, that living that lifestyle is an inalienable right, and that theirs is a minority status that is as deserving of protection as those of ethnic minorities are the real haters.  They are guilty of depraved indifference.
What should we do when a loved one chooses to engage in self-destructive behavior?  Are we more hateful if we advocate an environment where he is encouraged to continue in the dangerous behavior, or are if we help him see the risks?
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This app is of little consequence.  It will never be among the most downloaded.  In fact, Apple may generate more interest in the Manhattan Declaration by refusing to make it available.  But the principle is profoundly important.  What gives them the right, or the duty, to impose their moral standard on the world?

Abortion rights advocates demand the right to choose.  And as horrible as the consequences are, I have actually come to think that God wants it that way.  He wants us to learn through decades of bitter experience, that there are consequences to our choices.

The app is of little consequence.  But the principal is profoundly significant!


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