What do they do with the babies?

When an abortion is done, something – call it tissue, a fetus, a baby, or whatever (tfbw for short) – something is extracted from the body of the woman.  Our question here is, what do they do with it?

The answer depends on the kind of abortion done.  Some, such as saline abortions (also called salt poisonings), result in the woman actually going into labor and delivering the dead tfbw.  Well, usually they’re dead.  Sometimes they are delivered kicking and screaming and writhing in agony because the saline solution got into their lungs, and it is burning them from the inside.  Anyway, if that happens, they just ignore it for a while, and eventually it stops.  Then they can dispose of it.  The options are:  incinerating, flushing down a toilet, grinding up in the garbage disposal, or just throwing it out in the garbage.

There’s another procedure, called a dilation and evacuation (D&E) that involves pulling the arms and legs off, and removing them from the womb one at a time.  Usually, as long as it’s not too late-term, the limbs come off easily (although I’m told it still takes some physical strength to do it).  As the parts are removed, they are assembled on a tray, and an inventory is done to make sure everything came out.  The head is the hardest part to remove in this procedure, and usually has to be “deflated”.  That involves sucking the brain matter out, then crushing the skull.  The parts so removed are not quite as difficult to dispose of, given that the parts are smaller than the whole tfbw.

Suction Aspiration is used up to 12 weeks, and involves sucking the tfbw out through a tube.  The suction is nearly 30 times more powerful than a houslhold vaccum cleaner, so it’s pretty efficient.  The tissue is collected in a bottle, so it’s the easiest to dispose of.

Other methods include D&C, Prostaglandin Chemical Abortion, Hysterotomy and partial birth abortion.  The D&C is like suction asperation, except that there’s also some cutting away of the peices that don’t succumb to the suction.  Prostaglandin Chemical Abortion, Hysterotomy andpartial birth abortion are used after 30 weeks, so disposal is a real problem.

I present these to you without editorial comment, because I want the facts to stand on their own.  If you care to look further, there are plenty of web sites that cover the specifics, many with hi-res pictures and even video.

The one thing all abortion clinics agree on is that they never refer to the tfbw as a baby.  Doing so will exponentially increase the odds that the girl (or woman) will opt to carry her baby to full term and deliver it live.  That’s the last thing they want to have happen.  In “Confession of an Ex-Abortionist” – Dr Bernard Nathanson reveals some of the gory details, and gives us a peek at the campaign to deaden our sense of revulsion, so that they could make lots and lots of money.

Welcome to the brave new world of choice!


9 thoughts on “What do they do with the babies?

  1. mgarelick

    Do you happen to know how income from abortion compares to income from live birth, for doctors and medical establishments?

    1. Hard data apparently is difficult to obtain. The abortion business is all cash, all up-front. Any one who does business on an all cash basis has the opportunity to report some, most or all of the income. The one chosen depends primarily on the moral integrity of the person doing the all cash business.

      My guess is that a doctor working a normal 8 to 4 schedule, with half a day on Saturday, can make well in excess of a million dollars a year. And there’s no being on call, no dealing with insurance companies, and no law suits, even in cases where the woman dies as a result of the procedure.

      Apparently the shame is so great that nobody wants to go public with it.

      1. mgarelick

        Do you actually know anything about abortion providers?

        I asked about income because, frankly, it is hard for me to believe that there are many abortion doctors — particularly those like Dr. Tiller, who treat traumatized women on a regular basis, at risk to their own lives — are in it for the money.

        Your assertion that “the abortion business is all cash” is pure fantasy, and I can’t believe you don’t know this. What is all the fuss about state funding for abortions for indigent women? Why do I keep hearing alarms sounded about employers who include abortion services in medical coverage?

        Your second paragraph sounds like a pretty good description of an abortionist in a society where abortion is illegal.

      2. Actually, no, I don’t know anything about abortion providers! But how is that relevant to the question at hand? Did you bother to go to Dr. Nathanson’s site? He is, by all accounts, one of the poineers of the abortion business, and he made a bloody fortune! Then he saw an ultrasound, and realized that the thing he had been removing from it’s mother’s womb was not a thing, but a human baby.

        Abortion doctors “Treat traumatized women”? Please. You actually believe that? I will admit that Dr. Tiller was an enigma. He apparently believed that he was called by God to do what he did. He, and apparently you, refuse to believe what is now both obvious and impossible to deny. Babies can survive outside the womb at very short gestation periods – as few as 22 weeks. If that’s true, how can we deny that the baby has no rights as a human being?

        As for the abortion business being all cash, I refer you to David Kupelian’s book, the Marketing of Evil, chapter 9, wherein he names names of eye witnesses in the abortion clinics who are of one voice on the matter. It may have changed, but think about it. Why would a doctor allow a scared teenager to write a check? Why would he send her a bill and hope she would pay? There is usually no insurance coverage. No, my guess is that the patient WANTS to pay in cash. It lessens the chances of her being found out. And practically no woman wants the world to know about her abortion.

        With regard to insurance coverage for abortions, I confess I do not know. Maybe many policies do cover it today. But even if that’s true, the question still remains, what do they do with the babies? And why are we horrified when a young mother gives birth then dumps her baby in the trash, when the only difference between her baby and the one Dr. Tiller just aborted, is that it died after the six inch trip down the birth canal, not before?

  2. mgarelick

    You may consider it peripheral to your main point, but I was struck by the concluding paragraph of your original post. I have no data on the subject, but it simply doesn’t strike me as true that abortion providers are motivated by profit to discourage a woman who wishes to carry a baby to term.

    Regarding Nathanson, I remember him from “The Silent Scream,” and I have no desire to experience him again. If you insist that I need his input in order to carry on a discussion, I’ll shut up.

    For my characterization of women undergoing late-term abortions, I relied largely on several first-person accounts that are collected at a website that I cannot recall the specifics of. I do remember that I got there via an Op-Ed in the New York Times from shortly after Dr. Tiller was killed. Many of the babies in those stories would certainly not have survived outside the womb for any significant length of time.

    I am uncertain about the exact boundaries of any rights held by a fetus, but I am comfortable saying that resolution of that question does not settle the question of whether a pregnant woman must be forced to carry to term.

    Your third paragraph depends on numerous factual assumptions; I don’t know the answers myself, and I would guess that you don’t either.

    If a person with absolutely no prior knowledge of abortion or the controversy around it were to read some of the rhetoric I saw after the death of Dr. Tiller, that person could well get the impression that (a)abortionists are snatching pregnant women off the street and killing the babies against their will, or (b) women who have carried a fetus for over six months decide to abort on a whim, or for reasons equivalent to the realization that they won’t be able to fly to Europe for the vacation they planned. Obviously, the first scenario is not reality-based, but I fear that much of the discussion of abortion, on the anti- side, is based on acceptance of the second.

  3. Havok

    John: He apparently believed that he was called by God to do what he did.

    I have no idea whether Tiller believed he was called by Yahweh or not. I’m interested in how you know that he wasn’t. The OT is full of Yahweh commanding the Israelites to kill others, even to the stabbing pregnant women through the belly, to ensure the death of the foetus.
    So, how can you tell, without appealing to your own subjective feelings on the matter, that Tiller wasn’t called by Yahweh to carry out this task?

    1. “I have no idea whether Tiller believed he was called by Yahweh or not. I’m interested in how you know that he wasn’t?”

      I don’t know that he wasn’t. I only said that he apparently believed it.

      I would like to know, though, where you got the notion that God wanted anyone to stab pregnant women in the belly to ensure the death of their babies?

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