The Impression of Design is Overwhelming – Part 2


Another of the amazing evidences of design is the Fibonacci sequence.  The banner at the top of this site is a small piece of a Fibonacci sequence.  So is the picture pm the  right.  As a matter of fact, all of the pics here are as well.  Amazing, right?  Watch this video to get a brief introduction into this amazing design.

No, it’s not proof that God exists.  But it’s hard to say that Fibonacci patterns, which show up nearly everywhere we look, are there as a matter of randomness.  Random

ness produces chaotic non-patterns.  Design produces reproducible patterns.  A guy I know said that there is as much design in a rock as there is in an elephant.  My view is that if you define design as chaotic randomness, the rock is designed. 

On one level, you could say that these images are merely the result of applying mathematical principles.  And you would be right.  On another level, we might wonder why the physical laws allow us to construct mathematical principles that demonstrate their design so beautifully.  We might also wonder why we are able to look at the designs these patterns make  –  whether produced by man or nature, and to be filled with a sense of awe and amazement.  

Without the design inherent in nature, we would not be able to do much of anything creative.  It is difficult to define beauty in the first place, but making it seems to be  something that requires design.  You could say that both man and nature created these designs using the physical laws and mathematical principles that were there all along.  But why do these laws and principles exist?  Are not the physical laws and mathematical principles themselves designed?

It’s an endless debate, of course.  Believers in God will say everything is the result of The Intelligent Designer.  Atheists will deny it.  Neither side will be persuaded by the evidence, because there is so much of it available, regardless of the side of it you are on.  

So I contend that you should just believe.  You will not have to give up your life.  You will find it better in every way.  You will not have to give up your intelligence.  Highly intelligent people can be found on both sides of the divide.  You will have to give up your life.  But you will discover the profound paradox that in so doing, you will find your real life for the first time.  You will have to turn from selfishness and pride and embrace generosity and humility.  This is not to gain salvation, but it will come from a sense of gratitude to Christ for inviting you in.  And you will be abundantly glad to have been invited!


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