Intelligent Design vs. Stultifying Naturalistic Coercion

Beware the thought police!  Our education system, both public and private, somehow has gone astray.  Our universities, founded to foster learning at the highest levels, have somehow gone nuts.  They have replaced the ideal of teaching people how to think, with the ideal of  their thinking to only things they deem acceptable.  And, having long ago abandoned faith in anything but their own minds, they embraced all kinds of bizarre and dissolute ideas of right and wrong.  For example:

  • Recreational drug use is fine, and all drugs should be legal and freely available.
  • Sex with any other consenting person, regardless of sex or age, is fine, and any opinion to the contrary is intolerant and such attitudes cannot be tolerated.
  • Religion is stupid, unless it’s atheism or Bahá’í.  All others are intolerant, and such tolerance cannot be tolerated.
  • Intelligent Design is an evil on the level of mass murder or genocide, except that it’s more insidious.  It must be eradicated at all cost, even if lives are at stake.

The tactics they use are the same ones brutes and tyrants have used throughout the history of man: threats, intimidation, humiliation, financial destruction, physical threats and many others.  They will refuse to hire you, deny you promotion or tenure, take away your grant money, ridicule your questions, and even deny you the right to have your doctoral dissertation heard, thus denying you that ability to receive the PhD you’ve otherwise earned.  Even if you have dozens of published papers in peer reviewed journals and many fellowships, grants, and awards, you can still be denied tenure for accepting ID.

Wouldn’t you call that fascism?

In prewar Poland a grocer is “asked” to post a sign in the window of his shop saying “Workers of the World Unite”.  He knows that if he does not do so, he will lose his shop, his livelihood, and probably see his family split apart.  The implication of the message in the sign is that the power belongs to the people.  The truth is that power-hungry fascists coerce the people who would resist their ascension to power if they knew their evil intent.  So they coerce them into thinking whatever will cause them to not resist.  Only after the power is shown to reside in the hands of tyrants and despots, and only after it is too late to do anything about it, is the truth of the matter widely known.

The movie “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” revealed many cases where academics and researchers and scientists were harassed, fired, or denied promotions or tenure.  Carolyn Crocker, in the Winter 2008 issue of Salvo magazine, said this: “An adjunct teacher who just got a full time teaching position told me she teaches evolution, even thought she does not believe it to be scientifically valid, because it was the only way to get and keep the job.  Her job interview was mostly about her views on evolution; she lied.”  Her story is one of many that are beginning to emerge.

There is growing evidence from many sources that our schools are being run by fascist ideals.  Fascism, it turns out, is difficult to define.  None of the online dictionaries I consulted agreed in total.  Famous fascists we have grown to know and despise, of course, include Hitler and Mussolini.  But could they include the Dean of your daughter’s college?  Or the top tenured professors in the science department?  

One thing most would agree on is that fascist governments repress free speech, and have little or no regard for human rights.  Germans had to agree with the party line: “Ya, dose dirty Jews, they should be taught a lesson.”, they might say when in the presence of uniformed troopers, even while privately they had nothing against most Jews, and actually despised the Nazis.  Well, that’s what’s happening today in our institutions of higher learning.  Rights?  You have the right to keep your mouth shut, and when we want you to speak, we’ll tell you what to say.

Frog Cooking

There is a metaphor everyone has heard about frog-cooking.  It goes like this:  If you want to cook a live frog, you can’t just plop him into a hot pan, you have to get him comfortable before turning the heat up.  Put an inch of water in, bring it to room temperature, then put the frog in.  Then turn up the heat gradually.  He’ll cook before he realizes he’s in trouble.

Well wake up folks.  Something’s cooking, and it might just be us!

I have a rather unique perspective on all of this.  I am not a member of the scientific community, so I’m fairly well insulated from the thought police and their henchmen.  Yet I am outraged that they have been given sway for so long, and I want to do whatever I can to put a stop to it.  So, to start, I’m putting this post out there.  But I want to hear from you, too.  If you have never posted here before, I will have to approve your post for it to become public.  So indicate your desire to remain anonymous, and I will honor that by not approving it.

What I’d like to hear, though, are your stories.  What did the storm troopers do to you?  How did the thought police inhibit your loved one’s ability to think?  Or how did they inhibit the advance of real scientific inquiry because of their death grip on the theory of Darwinian evolution.

A movement needs a tag line

Now, we also need a name or descriptive word – or a tag line for our cause.  Those who want to secure rights for homosexuals didn’t like to be called homosexuals.  So they came up with “gay”.  Sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?  Never mind that they co-opted a perfectly good word that had a totally different meaning.  Or how about the coup scored by those who want society to accept their desire to kill the life they carry without limitation?  Instead of pro-abortion, they came up with pro-choice.  I like choice, don’t you?  That was a real winner.

So I’ve started us off with “Stultifying Naturalistic Coercion”, or SNC, but the lines are open.  What name or descriptive word or tag line would you use?


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