Obama and the Bible

I had an unusual chance meeting on Friday.  I met a man named Vishal Mangalwadi, a man who studied philosophy at universities, in Hindu ashrams, and at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, the organization founded by Francis Schaeffer.  The latter was the thing that captured my attention, as the writings of Francis Schaeffer are among the most compelling expositions of the reason behind the Christian faith.  If you are not familiar with Schaeffer, I urge you to check into his writings.  You can read a short article called A Christian Manifesto to get a sense of the man at http://www.peopleforlife.org/francis.html

Dr. Mangalwadi, brilliant in his own right, has posted several videos on YouTube, centered on the Bible, and how it plays into the Presidential inauguration.  As we all prepare to witness this historic moment, I urge you to take a few moments to consider this question:  What is the source of the doctrines on which we went from a world where Barak Obama would have been a slave, to one in which he can become President of the most influential country in the world?  Here is one of the 11 videos.  To see the others, click here.


3 thoughts on “Obama and the Bible

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting read: “It’s Not Your Father’s L’Abri” in Christianity Today. No, and it certainly is not Frances Schaeffer’s L’Abri anymore, either.

  2. bec

    It’s interesting to see his perspective – one that is not a “born and raised in America” one. Tom and I have been discussing for some time now just how amazing it is that someone from a minority has been elected to the highest position in their government. Other than Alberto Fujimora in Peru, we weren’t sure if any minority was ever elected in their country. Of course you can get into semantics when you start defining ethnicity, minority, race etc. When it comes down to it, race is a man-made invention.

  3. Wasn’t is only after the strength of Christianity waned over 2 centuries to something just a click above nominalism that we finally elected an minority president? It might also be informative to poll those most committed to Christianity to see who they voted for. It really does feel like Christians are now trying to co-opt the occasion and claim credit.

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