Change the world – one “little platoon” at a time!

This site is devoted to all of the people who want to change the world! It’s a big world, sure, but when people have a passion about something, they have more power than they know to influence the world for positive change.  We take our inspiration from people such as Benjamin Franklin, who together with his “club of mutual improvement” met together for 40 years, and their discussions led to the first library, volunteer fire departments, the first public hospital, police departments paved streets and the University of Pennsylvania!  We also take much inspiration from William Wilberforce, who with his “Clapham Sect”  sought and secured two great outcomes:  the abolition of the slave trade, and the reformation of British society.  

The slave trade was as important to the economy of his day as the oil and gas business is today!  So as you might imagine, there was incredible and powerful resistance.  In addition, the society of their day was so completely corrupt, that the idea of reforming its morals was laughable!  Yet through confidence in the rightness of his cause, and incredible persistence, and much prayer, he and his friends changed the world.

Edmund Burke wrote way back in the 1700’s about the “Little Platoon” concept.  He asserted that most of the work actually done in societies was done one person, one neighborhood, one little opinionated group at a time.  He said these little groups, passionate about some shared ideal, kept on doing their work regardless of which political party was in control at the time.  We assert that politics is downstream from culture.  That means that by the time we get around to passing a law about something, it’s already ingrained into the hearts and minds of the citizenry.  

So here at BWYP, we say, give a care.  Speak your mind.  Find others who believe as you do, and join with them into a little platoon, organized to shape the world around you.  The more you engage in the dialogue, the more well grounded your ideals and positions are.  And the more opportunity you have to shape the culture.  Pretty soon they’ll be making laws in support of the things you have already gotten into the water supply!

So pick one of the categories shown, and start opinion-ating!